Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What to do When Your Toddler Hates to Shop....

Shopping has always been a great past time for me. There was nothing that a little retail therapy could not fix or make better.....that is until I became the mother of a toddler. Oh do I find myself longing for the early days when Chickpea was an infant, and I could get out of the house a go to my favorite shopping places and spend an afternoon. Long gone are those days. Now it seems the second I step foot into any retail establishment, Chickpea mutates into a cranky, screaming, destructive alter ego. Needless to say, it took me a couple times of experiencing the alter ego to realize my girl does not like to shop. At this point I am thoroughly convinced my husband has conditioned her to go off anytime mommy attempts to take her shopping.

So what is a mom to do when she needs some retail therapy or if she needs to buy birthday gifts for the endless amounts of birthday parties we seem to be attending these days? I'll tell you. Just when you think you've been defeated, turn to your trusty computer and fire up that internet, and soon you will find infinite shopping opportunities.

Now don't get me wrong, while there seems like endless shopping opportunities on the internet, there are still those great websites that never let you down when deliver the goods. The following are two of my some of my favorite shopping websites for kids, and what makes them so unique and great.
This is the ultimate site for hip, stylish, and functional baby/kid gear. Genius Jones is just that, Genius. This website along with 3 store locations in South Florida offers everything from apparel to home decor. Founders, Daniel Kron and Geane Brito subscribe to a great philosophy: Just because you're now a parent doesn't mean you should have to abandon your love of design.  The fact that Genius Jones looks for products made by companies that truly care about children that use non-toxic and sustainable materials, and take steps to ensure that their manufacturing process does not cause harm to the environment are some of the things that makes Genius Jones a cool pace to shop.  In addition the folks a Genius Jones  feel that parents don't have to surrender to the whims of the mass market. It is possible to find functional children's products that are well designed (no more hiding the hideous baby gear when company comes over). So the next time you are looking for that ultra cool, unique and functional gift that has not been seen ten time over at your local Babies R Us, checkout Genius Jones, and become the coolest gift giver among your friends. :
This site is brilliant for so many reasons, especially if you are becoming a parent for the first time, this site is a must. Founder and CEO, Ali Wing, wanted to develop a unique baby store.  When getting ready for a new baby, there is a lot to take into account, choices can be overwhelming and stressful (and your baby hasn't even arrived yet). Giggles helps to make new parents and soon to be parents jobs a lot easier. How does Giggle do this you ask?  Giggle has done the homework for you, by including the must have baby items, that have been pre-sorted to include the most stylish, healthy, and innovative products, and if they didn't make our lives easy enough, offers customers endless resources like: great gifting ideas for parents, babies, toddlers, baby showers, grandparents, and even first birthdays, or shopping by stage to ensure the right tools for each milestone, and various buying guides for how to stock your nursery to feeding on the go.  My favorite of all the resources are the 6 different blogs that are written by local experts with topics ranging from child development to nursery design. If you happen to be fortunate enough to live near one of the 11 store locations located in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland and New York check out the site for upcoming events ranging from mom/baby yoga, cooking and music classes. Giggle is for sure a one stop shop  for new parents and parents to be.

So the next time your little one bucks at the idea of going on a shopping trip. Just remember that great retail therapy is just a click away. Happy shopping.

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