Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poor Chickpea

I knew our luck was eventually going to run out. Just in case you are wondering, I am referencing the lucky streak my family has experienced this cold and flu season. Ironically I was chatting it up with a girlfriend who was on her third round of her kids being sick this cold/ flu season. "Yeah, I can't believe that we have not gotten sick and it is almost March" I remember saying. I think it was at that moment when karma (that bitch!) had to rear her ugly head.

So there I was last Wednesday taking my usual 9:30 am spin class, when all of a sudden I noticed one of the child care teachers coming into to class. I didn't think anything of it until, she approached me, and asked me to leave the class to come get Chickpea. Of course my heart sunk while I thought the absolute worst. When I got outside of the spin room, the teacher shared that it wasn't anything terrible; she just felt that it was best that I come get Chickpea since she was not acting like her normal self.

After getting Chickpea home from the gym, I couldn't help but notice she was not herself, and I did notice that she was sounding a little "stuffy". I fixed Chickpea her lunch, which she hardly touched. I knew something was up for sure when she wasn't even touching her beloved sippy cup of warm milk. I placed Chickpea down for her afternoon nap, only have her wake up an hour later with a nose that I can only describe as a "hot crusty yellow/ green mess" (gross I know). It was official my girl was sick.

After cleaning my poor girl up, I called my pediatrician. After what seemed a lifetime in the waiting room, we finally saw the doctor. Following a thorough exam the doctor shared, "The good news is it looks like she has a good old fashioned cold, the bad news is there is nothing we can do for it but let it ride its course.” She might as well have said, "Suck it up, the next seven days are going to suck, and there is a 99.9% chance that you and your husband are going to get sick too". And guess what? We did.

I know when I started this blog, I posed the question "What was worse than being on a plane with a screaming child?" and I replied back "Being the parent of that screaming child." Well we can also add "Being the parent of a sick child".

It's been about a week since the onset of Chickpea's (who I temporarily re-nicknamed the Ebola Monkey) cold and she is getting back to her old self again. As far as the hubby and me, we have a couple more days left of this crud. So in true fashion I am sharing some helpful tips to get through this not so fun part of parenting. I hope you enjoy.

1. Stock up on Tylenol or Motrin (I prefer Motrin since it lasts longer)

2. Hydration is so important especially since your toddler may not have much of an appetite; I really like fruits, popsicles, and Pedialite if your little one does not like to drink water.

3. Invest in a Nose Frida (target online carries them for $15 or at it will be the best $15 you spend. You might ask what is a Nose Frida. It is a hygienic way to suck the boogers out of your toddler's congested nose. They don't call it a snot sucker for nothing. Sounds gross but when your child can't breathe or sleep at night you will do ANYTHING. My husband now nicknamed me the "Boogie Bounty Hunter" because of this lifesaving device.

4. Invest in the softest tissues you can find to keep from giving your toddler (and yourself) chapped red noses from constant wiping. Also while you’re at it stock up in lots of hand sanitizer and use it liberally.

5. Be aware of Germ Hot Spots: Note bacteria and viruses can lurk just about anywhere, but they really love to hang out on some of the stuff parents and kids touch constantly.

Grocery-cart handles A University of Arizona study found that 55 percent of them were contaminated with fecal matter. "Carry hand sanitizer in your purse and use it when you've finished doing your shopping," says Dr. Charles Gerba.

Playground equipment When researchers from the University of Arizona College of Public Health examined various playgrounds, they found feces, urine, and even blood on the equipment. Always wash up when playtime's over.

Your kitchen sink It's covered in germs -- 500,000 of them per square inch. Why? When you rinse some foods, particularly raw fruits and veggies, bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella wash down the drain and accumulate there. Scrub the sink with bleach and water at least twice a week.

6. Lastly, don't forget to give your toddler extra TLC even though he or she is a total crank monster keep in mind they don't feel good, and remember this too shall pass.

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