Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day just a few days away it got me thinking of my first Mother's day with my husband. It was May 2008, and I was due to give birth to our daughter at any moment. I remember that my husband had a tee time planned with an old friend, I guess you can say I felt a little guilty knowing that once our daughter was born he was not going to see the sights of a golf course for a long while.

So once my husband left, I assumed my position on the sofa with all the pillows strategically placed, and just when I was getting good and comfortable.... I had to pee. After returning from "the loo", I started to head back to my thrown (aka the sofa), when the doorbell rang.

When I finally got to the front door, I opened it only to have a nice woman holding a beautiful arrangement of flowers. Once I signed for the flowers, I went back inside to read what the card said. "Dear mommy thank you for taking such good care of me these past 8 1/2 months, I can't wait to meet you Happy Mother's Day" read the card.

I immediately called my husband to thank him for my flowers, and my sweet note. Little did I realize that when my husband saw the house number on his caller id, he would go into full panic mode thinking I was about to give birth to our daughter on our living room floor. After convincing him I was fine, and not in labor I thanked him for the beautiful flowers and thoughtful card. It was a great Mother's Day for us both, my husband got to finish his round of golf that day, and a week and half later we welcomed our lovely little girl into the world.

Not to brag, but I have a pretty amazing husband. Thoughtful gestures like what he did for my first Mother's Day are his way of making me feel appreciated and loved.

Now with Mother's Day just days away, I am sure there are husbands and kids struggling on what to do for mom come this Sunday. The reality is that most moms don't need a big elaborate production in order to celebrate Mother's Day.

Here are some ideas on what we moms really would like on Mother's Day.

1. Time. Time alone. Time to shop. Time to watch shows that we have recorded, but never get the time to watch out of reality of being interrupted. Time to take a bath. Time to get dressed peacefully, rather than at a frantic pace. We just want time.

2. To be appreciated. To be appreciated for the countless things we do on a day to day basis. Appreciated for always being there to make sure things get done, and go off without a hitch. Appreciated for the butts we clean, the tears we wipe, the homes we keep clean, and the meals we make. Most of all for the mother's and women we are.

3. A kind word. This may come in many forms: a card, a poem, a hand written note, a hand crafted piece of art from your child.

4. To be pampered. This does not mean yo have to send us to the Ritz Carlton Spa (although, I can't imagine most moms would object). While mani/Pedi's, facials and massages are always great and much needed, we moms love the simple gesture of having a bubble bath drawn for us (hint, hint).

5. Yummys for our tummy's. Interpret this how you will. Breakfast in bed, brunch, lunch or dinner, it all works for me, but my favorite is when Chickpea and Malcolm make me a Mommy Mimosa. Yum.

With all this said, don't get me wrong we moms love jewelry, and fancy things. I am just trying to convey that fancy things are not required in order to make Mother's Day specail. Just remember to share with the mom's in your life how much you love and appreciate them for all they do.

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