Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Little Ones

As we all know by now Earth Day was April 22nd. So this got me thinking of some fun things we can do with our children to celebrate Earth Day, and how important it is to practice being green. I have to admit my husband who I have affectionality named, "Captain Green Peace", is really looking forward to this week’s blog.

I am almost ashamed to say, that I was not always so conscious when it came to mother Earth. That is until I met my husband. I remember when we were still in the dating phase he would go through my garbage on a regular basis to sort out recyclable items (and yes, I still married this man). Over time my husband made me aware of the importance of doing things that are right for the environment, and to ensure that our children and our children's children will have thriving rainforests, healthy seas, clean air, and an intact eco-system for years to come.

There is more we can do on an individual basis. Teaching our children the importance of Earth Day is the first step, as they will be our legacy and the caretakers of our planet in years to come. While it is important to explain to our children what Earth Day represents, and that it should not be something we practice for one day, rather every day.

Here are some great examples of how we can walk the walk, and demonstrate to our children how to live Earth Day every day.

1. Celebrate the animals that inhabit the Earth: This is a great chance to build a birdhouse or a feeder with your little one. Be sure to visit your local craft store for some great tips and ideas. Another idea is to make a visit to your local zoo or farm, and share why it is important to be kind and respect animals.

2. Get down and dirty: Take some time to start a garden, or even to plant some herbs or flowers in some potting containers. This is an activity kids will love since most relish getting messy and playing in the dirt, plus you can enjoy the beautiful flowers, herbs and veggies that will bloom and grow.

3. Start a recycling center in your home: If you are not already doing this, now is your chance, no more excuses. It is super easy, just grab some colored plastic bins and label accordingly; green for plastics, blue for glass, yellow for paper products, and orange for aluminum.

4. Get crafty: Wondering what to do with those left over egg/ milk cartons, empty rolls of toilet paper/paper towels, aluminum cans or plastic bottles. I've got the perfect website for you. is a great place to get some fun craft projects to do with your kids and help spark their creativity. Happy crafting.

5. Host a swap party: So your kids are no longer interested in their toys, books, clothes or CD's.... have a swap party with your neighbors. You will be surprised how someone's old items become new again for someone else. I even saw on an Oprah episode where neighbors traded furniture in order to redecorate on a budget.

6. Get unplugged: We live in an age where we have technological advancements beyond our wildest dreams (laptops, iPods, blackberries, video games, etc). Unfortunately with all this technology we have become more disconnected with the ones we love the most, while driving up our need for energy and fuel. So now is the time to disconnect from all our gadgets, and reconnect with our families, go for a bike ride, a hike, a walk in the park, or spend a day at the beach. You may just find that you not only reconnect with family, but also get tuned into the beauty that surrounds you.

Try some if not all of these activities, and teach your children energy conservation; recycling; increasing plant and tree growth; respect nature; save water; reduce toxins in the air; keep the environment clean; planting trees and flowers to increase oxygen; reduce air pollution; and love and respect all animals who inhabit the earth.

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